• Shirt Laundry

  • Whether you wear your shirts for business or casual wear, Cricket keeps your shirts looking good. Crisp clean shirts, all done with the perfect amount of starch. Prices may vary by location.

    Whether you prefer your shirts hanging or gently folded – for space saving or travel – we know how important it is to pull out a shirt that’s ready to wear.

    “Basic” Service
    Our “Basic” laundered shirt is machine pressed with the latest and best shirt unit.  If our Platinum Service is not what you need, this is a great alternative.

    Platinum Service
    We offer the Platinum service for a softer and completely hand-finished shirt, especially evident on the collar and cuffs. Formal Tuxedo shirts – plain and pleated – are given the same attention and soft touch to meet your needs for every event.

    Our promise to you:

    • Premium Detergent
    • An inspected shirt, properly packaged
    • Collar stays are always FREE and available at our counter
    • Just the right amount of starch – from No starch to Heavy starch
    • Chipped and broken buttons replaced with matching buttons, whenever possible.