• Household Items

  • Comforters, bedspreads, pillows and sheers are delicately handled and packaged. All items are meticulously inspected for stains and returned to you brighter and crisper.

    Cricket Cleaners - HouseholdComforters & Bedspreads
    Comforters can be returned to you hung on a hanger or handsomely packaged in a specially designed breathable bag.

    Cricket has a “Pillow Machine” that revitalizes your bed pillows for feather and polyester filled:

    • Down and feathers are cleaned, deodorized and sanitized
    • We automatically provide new ticking (this is the cover that holds the feathers)
    • For foam pillows, we’ll clean and sanitize and add new ticking

    Pillows usually require three days, but we can get them sooner!

    Sheers take a lot of abuse from the sun – especially in Florida – and they need care and cleaning to keep them fresh and healthy. Sun can weaken threads and cause yellowing.

    At Cricket, we gently dry clean and wet clean sheers to remove soil, nicotine, cooking odors and other impurities in the air. After cleaning, we hand steam them to remove wrinkles and imperfections.

    Care & Attention at Home

    All of these items require preventive care to keep them fresh between cleanings. You can remove a lot of dust from furniture covers, sheers and window treatments by vacuuming them monthly. This is the same dust that coats fabrics dulls colors, and becomes a massive problem when it gets wet or stained. And, you can inspect your bedding and spreads under bright light and wash or dry clean them at the first sign of make-up,
    body oil, and yellowing.

    When it comes to keeping fabrics clean, fresh, and free of stains, Cricket has many “secret” weapons. By providing both dry cleaning and wet cleaning technologies, we can restore many fabrics that consumers believe have “seen their day.” We are constantly learning and applying new techniques such as water-repellent products, fabric-safe bleachers, and steam cleaning for draperies and other delicate items.