• Fine Linens: Bed & Table

  • At Cricket, fine table and bed linens are carefully inspected and stains are pretreated by hand – from gravy and oils to coffee, wine, and wax. We know stains and we know what it takes to remove them. By providing both dry cleaning and wet cleaning technologies, we can restore many fabrics. We are constantly learning and applying new techniques, such as aggressive stain removal for older yellow stains and fabric-safe bleaches.

    ImageDelicate table linens are carefully cleaned and treated just like your second- and third-generation heirlooms. After cleaning and ironing, we hang them with tissue in the folds to reduce creases.

    Raised and embroidered cloths are hand ironed to enhance every detail. Our seamstresses can mend and embroider tears, holes and degraded fabric to restore your special table linens. We can then hang your linens, or fold and package them in crystal clear plastic, enclosed with ribbons!

    A few hints to make your linens last longer …

    • When spills occur during meals, gently blot with a dry white cloth and stop!
    • Oily stains, such as gravy, butter, and mayonnaise should be blotted with a dry white cloth. Do not use water or club soda. However, you can also apply some corn starch to soak up the oils until you can get them to Cricket.
    • If the stain in water based, such as coffee, wine or soda, you can apply water – sparingly – and then blot with a dry white cloth.
    • Wax can be gently scraped, while still warm, with a dull butter knife or plastic utensil.
    • After the meal, gather up your napkins, placemats and tablecloths and shake them outside your home.

    Remember, most oily stains cannot be removed in the wash at home. After washing, they may look like they’ve been removed because they are clear in color, but these are the same “clear” stains that turn a deep yellow a month later.

    Bed Linens
    Sheets, shams and pillow covers are treated much the same as table linens. However, since the stains are usually different, Cricket uses different stains removers to reach desired removal.