• Bridal Gowns

  • Bridal Gowns, Brides Maids & Quinceaneras

    At Cricket, we alter, restyle, clean and preserve your gown. Each dress is inspected and analyzed for the proper care process. Beads and sequins are tested to ensure that will properly sustain the cleaning process. Then your gown will be treated in a customized cleaning process and then again post inspected by our gown experts.
    Whether you have a new bridal gown, a second-hand gown, or even a third-generation heirloom, Cricket Cleaners will apply the latest care and restoration techniques. We can restyle or alter the gown to fit each family bride. We process gowns according to need: Wetcleaning for water-based stains, and dry cleaning for oily type stains and embellishments.

    Cleaning is only half the story: After the wedding, we can re-clean your gown and then preserve it in a museum-quality box, where it will lay-in-waiting for your next event. It will be clean and ready for your daughter or daughter-in-law to try on and alter to her needs.

    The Wedding Party
    We like to serve everyone associated with your wedding party. This means that we clean and press the tuxedos for the groom and the best man and the dresses for the brides’ maids and flower girls!

    Christening, Communion & Quinceanera Dresses
    Few things are as sweet and meaningful as these items – new or heirloom – and we know how important these pieces can be to you and your family.

    We give equal attention to cleaning and restoration for bonnets, blankets, bib, booties, slips and dresses. We individually treat:

    • Drool
    • Milk
    • Spit up
    • Make up

    Remember, we can preserve all of these items in a museum-quality archival box so they can be passed down for generations to come.