• Area Rugs

  • We accept all types of area rugs: Oriental, Persian, Drury – braided, custom, round and square. Rugs are inspected, assessed and prepped for cleaning.

    We clean and restore what we can at Cricket, but will gladly send your rugs to a trusted specialist for cleaning and alterations when necessary.

    We use the latest techniques, including wet cleaning and dry cleaning – depending on the type of rug and its construction:

    • Dust & particles are removed
    • Stains are assessed and removed (whenever possible)
    • Rugs are cleaned and dried in a controlled environment
    • Fringe is spotted and detailed by hand
    • Rugs go through a rigorous final inspection
    • Rugs are rolled and packed in brown paper
    • Odor removal

    Rugs are accepted at both our locations and on our route service. Please allow 1-2 weeks for processing and completion.