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  • Where did Cricket come from 1980 Staten Island, NY – The family was sitting at the table trying to pick a name for our new Queens, NY store. Two partners, two wives and 6 children trying to find a name that would work.  One of the kids spilled food on one of her favorite character sweatshirts. Looked down and said Cricket. All laughed but liked the name. Guess what it stuck. From that store in Queens, NY, we opened 4 more Crickets in NY. Then the big move to Florida where we opened in Coral Springs, FL. All of these stores were sold and a bit north we would go to end up here in Palm Beach County since 1994.

    Michael “The Old Timer” – has been doing drycleaning for about as long as he could walk. Michael is the 3rd generation in the business. He followed his father and grandfather both great tailors in NY into the dry cleaning business. Michael sits on the board of directors for the National Cleaners Association and is the Florida Chapter President.

    Susan “The Wedding Gown Specialist” – has had a hand in the business since she married Michael. Today she spends her time doing our Wedding Gown Preservation, Specialty Restoration, and Quality Control.

    Matt  “The Computer Guy” – when the lights go out and computers go down Matt’s the one we call. Matt also has grown up in the business. Matt supports the business wherever he is needed. He may be in the front servicing customers, in the back assisting production or even on one of the trucks doing deliveries.

    Speaking of deliveries meet our two wonderful Route Service Providers:
    Michael S. and Michael B. see them traveling around in the Cricket van.

    Our Friendly Customer Service Representatives:
    Sandy, Nilda, Chris and Esmeralda

    Look for their smiling faces at any of our locations!